Tips to Eliminate Salt from your Diet and Improve your Health!


We can choose to substitute the salt for spices and aromatic herbs, which will give a different flavor to our dishes and, in addition, they are much healthier. Salt is a product harmful to health. Although our body needs it in small quantities, the truth is that some foods already contain that necessary daily dose. In this article we explain how you can eliminate refined salt from your diet and replace it with healthier alternatives. We will also give you some tips to enhance the flavor of your dishes with other beneficial foods.

Negative Effects of Salt

Excessive consumption of common salt causes the following health problems:

  • Increase the risk of hypertension.
  • It causes fluid retention and swelling.
  • Increase appetite, which contributes to overweight. It also generates the need to drink sweet drinks to compensate for the effects on the body.
  • It causes a loss of calcium and a progressive loss of bone mass.
  • In the long term causes a weakening of the liver and kidneys.
  • It negatively affects ocular health.

How much Should we Take?

One teaspoon of salt contains 2 300 mg of sodium, which is more than enough in our daily diet. Also, keep in mind that foods already contain the sodium we need, so this amount would be the maximum recommended.

  • We must also take into account the salt contained in processed foods, such as sausages, cheeses, canned foods, precooked food, etc.

Not all Salts are the Same

One of the most harmful salts for our organism is common salt or table salt, which is the equivalent of white sugar. However, we can find many other types of salt that are healthier, since they have not been refined and, therefore, contain a large amount of minerals and trace elements that compensate for the sodium chloride of common salt.

“According to studies, the most common healthy salt is the marina, since it has not been processed and it is  much more nutritious in moderation”.

We can also find other salts, such as the Himalayan, Guerande, Celtic, Persian, etc. Each of them has different properties and touches of flavor.

Play with Spices

Spices are an excellent option to flavor our dishes in a different and original way and, in passing, reduce the consumption of salt without the food ceasing to be tasty.

  • Spicy spices such as cayenne, pepper or ginger help us to enhance the flavor of the recipes while promoting the segregation of gastric juices, which facilitates digestion.
  • On the other hand, herbs such as parsley, basil, thyme or rosemary are also medicinal and can be included in most recipes.
  • Try also the curry, turmeric, smoked paprika or cardamom and you will be surprised with the different flavors.

Vinegar and Lemon

We can also enhance the flavor of recipes with two medicinal foods:

The vinegar, especially apple is a food with many health properties. We can take it in moderate amounts as long as we do not suffer from gastric hyperacidity. In contrast, the lemon, despite being a citrus, we can consume it always, since it neutralizes the acids in the stomach. If we get organic lemons we can grate their peeling and use it as a condiment, as well as freeze it to have it always at hand.

  • With lemon, vinegar and aromatic plants we can prepare delicious vinaigrettes to enhance the flavor of any dish.

Celery Salt

One way to compensate salt sodium and consume less quantity is to prepare a homemade celery salt. Celery is an excellent source of vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and fiber. It also contains important amounts of vitamin B2 and calcium. Although it also contains sodium, potassium makes up for it and balances it, and helps us reduce high blood pressure.


  • 200 g of sea salt or the Himalayas.
  • 100 g of fresh celery.


  • Let the fresh celery dry. We can make bouquets and hang them upside down in a dry and airy place, or in the oven. If we do it in the oven we will put under an absorbent paper and dry it on a very low heat.
  • When we have dried celery, we will grind it with salt and keep it in a hermetically sealed glass jar.



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