The Perfect Diet to Detoxify the Body in Three Days!


It is very important to keep in mind that this diet to detoxify the body should not be extended beyond three days, since it is a very restrictive purification plan. Not having time to choose well the foods that we should consume can lead to a bad diet. In that sense, junk food may occupy much of your food plan. Hence the importance of putting into practice a good diet to detoxify the body in three days. The routine often does not allow us to focus on the lifestyle we want to take, and thinking about health is disconnected from our daily goals. Thus, the result of this is only fatigue, lack of energy and the possibility of having more diseases.

Our body needs more nutrients, healthy meals, healthy food and putting all this together requires planning. The organism always speaks, listen to it! It is time for a cleansing diet to cleanse each organ and return to an ideal physical and mental condition.

Detox Diet

There are no miracle diets; however, detox diet consists only of three days, because this time is enough to start detoxifying our body. The key to changing this is to bring about a change from the inside out. In that period you will recover, but then you must continue with a balanced diet. As well as perform this detoxification diet every so often. Detoxifying the body is about eliminating harmful toxins, those that make your skin look damaged or those that weaken your organs.

“A diet to detoxify the body is the initial step to recover the health of your skin”.

For example, as well as your organs and their functioning. A short time, that’s why it will be very restrictive. It will consist of eating fruits and vegetables, some broth or broth and infusions that help in the hydration process, with few proteins and carbohydrates. The ideal is to consume natural products, such as vegetables and fruits, and as raw as possible, without cooking. You can add snacks between meals. The nutritionist Andrea Miranda, director of the Argentine Society of Aesthetics and Integral Nutrition (SAENI), points out that two servings per day are enough. They can be low-fat yogurt, light gelatin, grapes and nuts.

More Water to Hydrate

In these purification plans, water is very important. It is necessary to ingest up to one and a half liter of water every 24 hours to optimally hydrate the body. Although the water purifies the kidneys, they can only filter properly and without exceeding a liter and a half every 24 hours, so the ideal is to have a bottle of water with you at all times (mineral if possible) and drink whenever we are thirsty.

Keys to Make a Good Diet to Detoxify the Body

To cleanse your body in three days you must make sure to provide your body with nutrients and minerals. Despite the time, you must plan your diet to be balanced. It’s not about risking your well-being. Next we will give you a series of tips so that these three days are easy to support:

  • Drink up to a liter and a half of water per day (and remember that part of the water intake you receive from fruits and vegetables).
  • Do not forget carbohydrates, but eliminate flour and processed sugar.
  • As carbohydrates you can consume fruits, vegetables and tubers.
  • These three food groups favor the immune system.
  • Fruits are an excellent source of sugar and contain many nutrients. Prima diuretics, such as pineapple, and try to ingest them solid.
  • Do not forget the nuts in your portions; they are necessary, although without exceeding.
  • No carbohydrate can be consumed at night.
  • Among the proteins there must be fresh meats and fish. You must prepare them without condiments and eat them in small portions.
  • Reduce salt, thus avoiding fluid retention and stimulate diuresis.
  • Forget the fried foods. If you require oil, use the olive or coconut.

Diet Guide

Here we are going to give you an example of what you can consume while you put into practice the diet to detoxify the body.

At Breakfast

  • Start with a tea. Serve with whole-wheat toast and add low-fat cheese. Take a juice of some citrus fruit (lemon or orange).

Colation: a handful of dried fruits (hazelnut, almonds, walnuts and peanuts).

At Lunch

  • Vegetables soup. Salad to taste, with enough raw or cooked vegetables. Accompany with light gelatine and pieces of vegetables. Drink water.

Collation: 10 grapes and a tea.

In the Dinner

  • Chicken or meat broth. Cooked vegetables. Chicken, meat or fish fresh and cooked in the oven or steamed. Accompany with a fruit and water.

Infusions or Tea

Consuming tea will be of great help in these three days. You will avoid the retention of liquids and you will add a great ally for detoxification. Choose green tea because it contains many antioxidants. It is diuretic and there is a great variety. Remember that a diet to cleanse your body should not be a punishment. It will be three hard days but it is a plan to improve your physical and mental conditions.

It is recommended that this diet to detoxify the body be accompanied by good decisions after those three days. The real results will be seen if you follow a healthy and balanced eating plan and if you add physical exercise sessions.


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