How to Increase good Cholesterol and Reduce Bad Cholesterol?

Physical exercise is a good way to increase levels of good cholesterol and reduce bad. Do sport at least twice a week. Did you know that there are two types of cholesterol, one “good” and the other “bad”? The goal to enjoy good health and have less risk of cardiovascular disease is that the first increase to normal levels and the second decrease. In this way, the body can take advantage of this component and at the same time, avoid certain diseases such as heart attacks or heart disease. Learn how to increase good cholesterol and why it is necessary to maintain it in healthy parameters in the following article.

What to know About “Good” Cholesterol?

The “good” cholesterol, called by doctors as HDL, that is, “High Density Lipoprotein” (high density lipoproteins) are the facts that circulate in our veins and arteries, in the blood.

“HDL cholesterol, unlike what is believed, protects our body from different cardiovascular diseases”.

The recommended levels for an adult person are between 40 and 60 mg / dl. Those who have high HDL cholesterol levels may be due to genetic issues and, above all, to lead a healthy life and a healthy diet. This means that it does not pose a risk to health, quite the opposite. If the levels of good cholesterol are low we will not feel energetic to fulfill our daily activities, just as it can happen with a deficit in the amount of iron.

The main causes of low cholesterol are:

  • The Sedentarismo.
  • The unbalanced diet.
  • The consumption of industrial products and Trans fats.
  • The alcoholism and smoking.
  • Overweight or obesity
  • The diabetes.
  • Others

Foods to Reduce Bad Cholesterol and Increase Good

In many cases, what we eat not only causes a decrease in HDL cholesterol but an increase in LDL (Low density), therefore, it is necessary to change some elements present in our diet, choosing better among the following:

  • Garlic: you should consume raw if possible, to be able to raise the levels of good cholesterol by almost 25%.
  • Onion: you must also eat it raw to take advantage of its fantastic properties.
  • Blue fish: such as salmon, tuna or sardines.
  • Olive oil: use it instead of any other type of oil, but not for cooking, but in raw or cold.
  • Grape seed oil: two tablespoons per day should be consumed to achieve good results.
  • Apple: This delicious fruit contains pectin, a type of soluble fiber that regulates blood cholesterol. Eat three a day.
  • Carrot: eat two carrots per day (if they are better) to take advantage of its high content of pectins and antioxidants.
  • Legumes: the only measure to notice favorable changes in cholesterol levels is half a cup per day.

Good Habits and Tips to Increase Good Cholesterol

In addition to consuming foods that have the ability to increase HDL and lower LDL, it is good to carry out certain healthy habits. Not only will you feel much better, but you will avoid suffering from cardiovascular diseases, for example.

Consume Omega 3 Fatty Acids

They are essential for the health of your heart. If you are vegetarian, you can buy this nutrient in seeds and nuts, such as nuts, quinoa, flax and chia. Also avocado, broccoli and cauliflower are excellent sources of Omega 3. If you eat meat, you can eat fish such as sardines, mackerel, tuna or salmon.

Eat more Antioxidant Foods

This element is vital in order to reduce bad cholesterol, increase the levels of good cholesterol and protect you from atherosclerosis. It is a degenerative disease that affects more and more people. Among the antioxidants that we must consume are vitamin C, flavonoids, lycopene and beta-carotene. It is advised to acquire more antioxidants to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables per day.  Among the most recommended we have: spinach, artichoke, Swiss chard, eggplant, turnip, pepper, orange, lemon, radish, pumpkin, carrot, mango, pineapple and papaya.

Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

And it not only refers to what you eat, but also to what you do. For example, physical exercise is a good way to increase levels of good cholesterol and reduce bad. Do sport at least twice a week. If you do not like it very much, try to walk more, especially in outdoor places like a park. In addition, it is vital to remove the stress of our life, that is, not let worries and problems overcome you. It is important in turn to avoid alcohol consumption and stop smoking, because both habits are negative for our health in general and because tobacco and alcohol increase the chances of suffering from heart problems.

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