How to Make a Balanced Diet for a Weight Loss Plan?


Forget the miracle diets. Eating healthy is the best option to lose weight and not suffer the so-called rebound effect. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regular physical fundamental to enjoy a good quality of life and achieve an ideal weight. Therefore, this time we want to share a series of tips to design a balanced diet to lose weight.

The Foundations of a Balanced Diet to Lose Weight

The goal of a balanced diet is to help maintain a healthy weight without risking health. Therefore, unlike the popular “miracle diets”, these plans have some important fundamentals that must be respected.

  • Variety: this implies that all food groups must be included, without exception.
  • Frequency: instead of making 3 main meals abundant, it is advisable to take between 5 and 6 moderate dishes throughout the day.
  • Moderation: it is useless to eat healthy and in excess.

“In addition to taking care of the quality of the food, it is essential to eat them in appropriate quantities”.

  • Hydration: daily water consumption is essential for anyone. Therefore, it is essential to eat it every day, completing about 6 or 8 glasses during the day.

Types of Basic Foods for a Balanced Diet to Lose Weight

The basic foods in any diet plan to lose weight are those whose properties cover the needs of the organism. Although they do not have the ability to burn fat on their own, they prolong the feeling of satiety and help detoxify. Do not hesitate to ingest:

  • Fruits and vegetables: they are the foods that more vitamins and minerals have. Due to their low calorie intake, they are ideal for weight loss.
  • Fish and lean meats: due to their amino acid content, they support metabolic functions and the formation of muscle mass.
  • Nuts, legumes and cereals: they favor the control of hormonal activity and are recommended as the main source of energy.

Foods not Recommended for Weight Loss

The foods that should be excluded in a balanced diet to lose weight are those that contain too much fat, sugars and simple carbohydrates. Among these are:

  • Refined flour.
  • Bread and industrial pastries.
  • Refined rice
  • Cereal and industrial pasta.
  • Refreshments and packaged juices.
  • Embed meats.
  • Junk food.
  • Canned products.

Tricks to Promote Weight Loss in a Balanced Diet

The best way to get good results with a balanced diet to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than we burn during the day. Also, those calories should come from foods of high nutritional quality, such as those already mentioned. What other tricks help?

1. Increase the Fiber Content in the Diet

Fiber is a compound of great importance when it comes to eating a healthy diet. It facilitates digestion and improves intestinal transit. Much better if accompanied by liquid. Therefore, a balanced diet should have high fiber content. In this way we contribute to cleanse our body, helping excess fat to be properly eliminated.

2. Consume only Monounsaturated Fats

We can include them with products such as olive oil, both raw and for cooking. In addition, we can consume nuts daily, for example, during breakfast or with natural yogurts. On the other hand, we should try to avoid as much as possible the consumption of red meat. Also industrial pastries and processed foods.

3. Eat Seeds Frequently

Another interesting guideline to follow a balanced diet is in the habitual consumption of seeds. They are a source of nutrients of great value to our body. And, in addition to that, they will provide us with a generous amount of fiber. These are some of the guidelines we can follow when it comes to maintaining a balanced diet. It is also important to attend to the origin of the products we buy, reading the labels to avoid those that have added sugars and buy only fruits and vegetables of ecological origin.

And, next to that, you should remember to hydrate yourself very well and practice some exercise regularly. You will see how in a short time you begin to see results.


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